Summer menu

Our menu is inspired by seasonal and local ingredients, with a touch of our hearts.

Tasting Menu

(not include 8% VAT  and 5% service charge)

1,400,000 VND ++/person

Amuse bouche

Khai vị

Sponge gourd, shrimp

Mướp hương, tôm

Tofu, green banana 

Đậu phụ, chuối xanh

Summer veggies

Rau củ mùa hè

Wild frog, centella

Ếch hương, rau má

Zucchini, pork belly, shrimp paste

Bí ngòi, ba chỉ, mắm ruốc

Black carp, starfruit 

 Cá trắm đen, khế


Món phụ theo ngày

Black pig, black beans 

Lợn đen, tương đậu




Hoa quả theo mùa



Petit four

Trà, bánh

Wine pairing

 4 glasses: 890,000 VND ++/person

Juice pairing

 4 glasses: 550,000 VND ++/person

*5% service charge & 8% VAT are not yet included in the prices above.

*Corkage fee is 500,000 VND/bottle.

*We only take customers from 10 years old.

*Deposit is required for booking of 4 people and more.